Privacy Policy

AdAsia Media Pte Ltd and its various platforms respect your privacy a subscriber, reader or user.

Any details collected by us are kept confidential and we do not sell the AdAsia database. We do not allow the use or rental of our general database by a third party unless the subscriber has given permission to do so or to indicated an interest in receiving mailings for a particular product range, services or area of interest.

However, by subscribing and receiving access to content appearing on AdAsiaOnline, AdAsia Alerts, or our print specials you accept to receive information on events, seminars and training organized by AdAsia or partnered by AdAsia.

We may from time to time conduct a survey amongst our subscribers but assure you that personal information collected is not revealed or published.

Should you become a subscriber through a third party recommendation or inadvertently become a subscriber by exchanging your card or details for an AdAsia service, you may opt out any time with our apologies.

We acknowledge that subscribers have the right to opt out of receiving material from AdAsia and we make unsubscribing easy.

Should you change company or contacts, it is your responsibility to inform AdAsia if you wish to continue to receive our content.

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