L’Oréal, the number one beauty company in the world and Singapore, owns and manages a variety of well-known brands, including Ralph Lauren Fragrances, under its luxury products division. Recently, the company launched a new fragrance ‘Ralph Cool’ targeted at females aged 15 to 24. As part of the launch campaign, Ralph Lauren Fragrances went in search of a ‘Ralph Cool Girl’ – someone who could personify the new fragrance’s attributes. This had to be someone who was sporty and adventurous. Somebody who enjoyed being who she is and had positive life aspirations. The positioning for Ralph Cool was that of a perfect fragrance that would blend into her lifestyle and be with her on all her sporty adventures.

Says Tan Shi Ling, Brand Manager, Ralph Lauren Fragrances at L’Oréal Singapore, “When we launched Ralph Cool, we were trying to promote not just the fragrance, but also a lifestyle. It was meant for the girl who is not afraid to make waves. The campaign had to communicate the point that being cool need not stop at the clothes you wear or if you did something cool. Being cool was more about making a statement.”

While brainstorming for ideas on how best it could reach out to its target group, Ralph Lauren Fragrances realized that youths today get more information online than from print media. It was from here that the company decided to explore the idea of integrating online media into its marketing campaign. As the most popular online destination for Singapore Web users, particularly youths, Yahoo! Singapore was a natural partner for Ralph Lauren Fragrances.

The campaign elements included a microsite hosted by Yahoo! Singapore during the search for the Ralph Cool Girl and banners targeting females aged 18 – 24 years old were deployed on Yahoo! Mail, encouraging them to register. A Yahoo! homepage banner and text-based placements were later introduced at the launch stage to announce the arrival of Ralph Cool.

During the two-week registration period to seek out the ‘Ralph Cool Girl’, several hundred entries were collected and 20 contenders were selected. During face-to-face interviews, this was further trimmed to the final 10. Yahoo! then hosted the images of the 10 shortlisted girls and banner ads were used to generate interest and traffic to the launch event on its homepage.

“While running the contest to find the Ralph Cool Girl, we also made use of the campaign to communicate more tactical promotional messages to drive people down to the launch venues. We saw a significant surge in customers from the target group and turn out on the contest day was very good, considering it was an event by invitation only, yet some people came to check it out after reading about it online,” added Tan.

In order to communicate the new fragrance’s attributes, packaging and advertising featured luminous colours to illustrate the outrageous, adventurous and youthful personality of the product. Ralph Lauren Fragrances decided to play with colours to attract the attention of their target audience. Part of the concept of the fragrance was a surfer chic lifestyle so beach elements such as surf boards and waves were also featured in the background.

“We saw a total of 13,000 click-throughs across the 5-week campaign. Overall, we were very happy with the response for this campaign. This was our first attempt at using online media for a product launch and it has proven to be a very strong marketing tool. We will definitely consider collaborations with Yahoo! for future launches,” said Tan.

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