SpotXchange commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct research on its behalf. RTB Powers the Rapid Growth of Online Video”, Forrester’s report, predicts that online video advertising will account for 24.7% of all USA online video spending by 2014. While currently it is in its infancy in Asia, the future of real-time bidding looks healthy. SpotXchange has increased its revenue in Asia Pacific by 213%. The company also says it has increased the number of publishers with which it works by 112%.

The report indicates that Asian publishers can see the potential of RTB and are currently undertaking trials.

Overall online video is supplementing TV ad campaigns and budgets are already moving into this area. Buyers will learn to use RTB to maximise reach, frequency or sale-lift gaps mid-flight.

“I believe that this study validates the vision we saw years ago on the promise of online video through the eyes of RTB and programmatic,” said Michael Shehan, President and CEO of SpotXchange. “Buyers have recognised the inherent value and transparency that RTB and programmatic provides, but we’re bullish on making sure publishers realise the power of automation through private marketplaces and new tools that will put them on an even playing field with demand side platforms and agency trading desks.”

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