Drew Graham

One of the most nourishing breakfasts in Singapore is provided by the Reading Room. This rapidly growing digital agency organises, from time to time, early morning talks. The most recent was given by Drew Graham, Director of eVantage Technology on Internet security. One might have assumed this would be a rather dry subject but Drew Graham proved to be a lively speaker who gave the audience a history of cybercrime starting with the early student hackers in the 80s to the more ominous Government spying which recently hit the headlines. The bad news is that 80% of Internet users in Singapore will be affected by cybercrime – we have one of the highest rates in the world apparently. The good news is that we do not really need to invest in expensive protective software, but simple things like changing passwords regularly and keeping data separated will offer good protection according to this speaker. Freddie Heygate, Director of International Business at Reading Room recommended that marketing and IT executives worked closer together on security matters. He said that the security consultancy side of their digital business was growing.

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