Purpose not positioning shapes the destiny of companies. This was just one of the valuable messages that came across at the 4th Shape the World Conference held on 24th November at the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.

Lawrence Chong

This annual event is organised by Consulus, a local branding consultancy which is expanding in the region. Four speakers presented under the theme “A New World Order is here. Are Asian Brands ready?”. Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, kicked started the day with an eloquent speech built around the premise that marketing is no longer enough and companies needed organisational design and most important, a sense of purpose. He cited Apple as a company that understood this. Chong spoke of the globalisation of culture and changes in belief systems, values and intent and how software was changing the world. He spent some time explaining the impressive processes his firm went through before coming up with branding solutions.

Jose Mari Oquiñena

The second speaker was Jose Mari Oquiñena, Undersecretary, Presidential Communications Operations Office, Office for Special Concerns in the Philippines. He spoke of his work in building a national charity to relieve poverty, homelessness and lack of education. This man has inspired others for years and, without doubt, he made a big impact on the audience at this Conference.

Idris T.Vasi

Idris T.Vasi, CEO of mobile provider, DST, in Brunei and Melvin Tan, Managing Director, Cyclect Group also spoke and sat in on a later panel discussion. Both were clients of Consulus which speaks volumes for this Singaporean firm.

Melvin Tan

In the afternoon, the participants took part in “brand labs” which gave them practical experience and insights into the thinking that goes into developing brand strategy and communications.

The participants came from various industries and government departments and one would imagine they went back to their offices with a greater respect for the design and branding professionals like Lawrence Chong who are shaping the world.

From left to right: Unsec Jose Mari Oquiñena, Melvin Tan, Idris T Vasi and Lawrence Chong.
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