Once again the international advisory panel were invited to Singapore to brainstorm on how to make this island a centre for innovation and design.
You have to hand it to the Singapore Government and its specialist body DesignSingapore, once they commit to a vision they go all out to make it happen.

Richard Seymour

For seven years, this group of top practising designers and academics have been coming to this small island to offer advice. This year, it seems their concern is that while Singapore has people with the technology skills particularly in the digital field, there is not sufficient connection with the designers working in the market. Industrial and technological capabilities must be matched to design to create new products seems to be the message from these advisers. Richard Seymour, one of the panel and who is a partner in Seymourpowell, said globally we are not being held back by technology, but by our imagination.

The panel saw the multicultural background in Singapore as an advantage and one that could be utilised to test products for the international markets.

Jeffrey Ho, Executive Director, DesignSingapore

The International Advisory Panel saw a need for an infusion of global ideas and talent to work on projects geminated in Singapore. They suggested a system of micro-grants to foster ideas with further Government and angel funding later on.

The four members of the panel who faced the media, as well as Jeffrey Ho who heads DesignSingapore, hastened to point out that their ideas were not formalised plans and would need to be explored by Government.

The panel members attending were (left to right): Dick Powell, Co-founder, Seymourpowell, UK; Prof Richard Seymour, Co-founder, Seymourpowell, UK; Christopher Bangle, Managing Director, Chris Bangle Associates, Italy; and Hael Kobayashi, Associate Director, Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC), University of Technology Sydney, Australia.
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