In the 2015 Epica Awards, held on November 2015 in Berlin, there were Grand Prix winners from Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Austria. Founded 29 years ago, Epica is a worldwide creative award judged by journalists from the marketing and communications press.

For Asian brands, it is great to see that Shiseido won a Grand Prix in the Film category. The film was created by Watts of Tokyo for the Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido. It was created to prove, that anyone can be pretty with the right make-up. It opens with a classroom full of pretty girls and then spools back in time to reveal that they are actually boys, magically transformed by the power of Shiseido products. The film’s twist delivers a surprise the first time around, and repays repeated viewing with its layers of detail and superb direction.

WATTS OF TOKYO INC.-Epica Awards 2015 Winners copy

Masato Kosukegawa, Creative Director, Shiseido Company, Limited said, “It is a great honour for all of our team to have been selected as the Film Grand Prix for Epica 2015 and we are sincerely grateful for the recognition from the jury. We especially appreciate the director, Show Yanagisawa and the director of photography, Jin Ohashi and also the school “girls” who showed their great patience to strike a pose and stand-still while we were shooting for 7 hours. Thanks also to our make-up artists who showed their special abilities, we hope that many who watched will feel the happiness through the basic concept of the film: the power of make-up.”

Jury President Olivier de Montchenu commented, “This is an incredibly powerful idea, extremely well executed – it’s almost a short feature film. The way it plays with notions of gender is both topical and striking.”


A high from Lowe Singapore
Among the Epica Awards winners, there were a number of winners from China, Thailand, Indonesia and also a winner from Singapore.

Lowe Singapore-Epica Awards 2015 Winners copy

Lowe Singapore won silver with their print campaign for 3M’s Scotchgard Carpet and Rug Protector in the category Household Maintenance.


Entrants & Entries by Country
A total of 585 agencies from 75 countries participated in the 2015 edition of the Epica Awards. Germany, Canada, Turkey and the USA were well represented, along with Lebanon, Romania, Spain and Japan. New countries included Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Iran, Ivory Coast and Senegal.


Results by Country
The UK was top in the country rankings with 51 awards, followed by France, the USA, Turkey, Sweden and then Germany. Other top non-European performers were Canada, Japan and Australia.

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Editor: Matthieu Vermeulen


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