On 1st October 2012, the Singapore 4As (Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore) took a big step forward and elected its first woman president in its 64 years. Connie Chan, Managing Director of MEC has replaced the retiring President, Ted Choo. Chan has over eighteen years of experience and was a founder member of MEC Global Solutions.

Under Choo’s leadership the 4As had expanded from representing just the advertising agencies to working towards becoming a hub for all industry players. It extended the membership to include Full, Affiliate and Individual Memberships.

Connie Chan

Chan has expressed the view that creativity and strategic thinking were the industry’s biggest assets. “The Digital revolution has distracted many practitioners from focusing on these two essentials,” said Chan.

The 4As is redeveloping its existing creative shows and looking at ways to fast-track graduates coming into the industry.

All the advertising trade associations need the support of the industry and the professionals working within. Sadly few volunteer to give time to help run and develop such organisations. The 2As, AMOS and IAS have struggled over the years. Lack of volunteers and money has handicapped their efforts. People like Ted Choo and his predecessors get little thanks for their efforts. Let’s hope the 4As in 2012/13, under a woman’s hand, will be more persuasive in getting support.

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