MediaCorp, Singapore’s terrestrial media broadcaster launched Channel NewsAsia in 1999. At the time, some may have doubted it was possible to establish a regional news channel. However, the new channel has proved itself over the years and is now moving up from the current 20 hours of broadcasting to offer a full 24 hours round the clock presence. CNA announced this and other programming changes at a lunch with friends, partners and other media within the new Marina Bay Studio. The studio was a collaboration with the major banking corporation DBS Bank and sited within the new Marina Bay Financial Centre. There were simultaneous parties in Mumbai and Hong Kong.

It was announced that the business news at prime time will be more than doubled and new financial programme, ‘Business Central’ will air at 8pm. This will feature key stories from the regional financial hubs – Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as insights from CNA bureaus in London and New York.

“We intend to increase our lead in covering South East Asia better than other broadcasters operating here, and we will cover South Asia better. This is all part of the drive to deliver insightful documentaries and programmes for viewers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” said Debra Soon, CNA Managing Director.

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