Annual report specialist Smart Media was established over 15 years ago and has offices in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Oman, Qatar, Sri Lanka and the UAE. It is now planning to open an office in Singapore. The company is one of the sponsors of the ‘Global Entrepolis@Singapore’ Business Leaders Summit 2012 and Exhibition.

“Given the huge potential for providing value added services in the region and beyond, we are now looking at niche markets globally for mutually beneficial partnerships. We are entering Singapore to serve top end clients in the Far East,” said Raja Senanayake, Chief Officer Process Development at Smart Media.

The company has just been given the prestigious Platinum Achievement Award for annual reports worldwide at this year’s ARC Awards in New York City. There were 2,200 entries from 32 countries, so this is quite an achievement. Smart also picked up three Grand Awards and 63 Category Awards at this event.

Dr. Vijith Kannangara and Raja Senanayake received the Platinum Achievement Award on behalf of Smart Media at the 26th International ARC Awards held in New York.

Diesel & Motor Engineering (DIMO) PLC Annual Report 2011/12

In 2011, DIMO produced the first integrated annual report ever to be published in Asia. The concept was further developed the following year. The objective was to demonstrate the firm’s performance and prospects, as well as to discuss its governance and risk-management framework, in relation to its eight strategic imperatives. An important central message was the Company’s commitment to treat every stakeholder as an integral part of the business. These integrated reports have received due recognition at the LACP and ARC awards, and are now treated as global case studies. The Annual Report 2010/11 has been ranked at No. 126 among the Top 300 Annual Reports which was recently published by ReportWatch.

National Development Bank PLC Annual Report 2011

The structure and content of the NDB Bank Annual Report 2011 was built from the ground up through a lengthy process of immersion and exploration by Smart Media personnel in the operations and documentation of the Bank. The Management Discussion section in particular has a unique structure, as well as a style of writing designed to enfold stakeholders in a feeling of community. This report won a total of six LACP and ARC awards. The LACP panel ranked it at No. 32 among all reports submitted from around the world, and No. 6 from the Asia-Pacific Region.

Ithmaar Bank B.S.C. Annual Report 2011

The challenging communications task before Ithmaar Bank was to present stakeholders with the rationale for a major reorganisation in the wake of ramifying effects of the world financial crisis that commenced in 2008. The story had to be told simply and candidly, without the use of banking jargon, to Ithmaar shareholders from all walks of life. An essay on Islamic finance, researched and written by us, formed the strategic centerpiece of the report. New reporting areas were entered into: the measurement and voluntary disclosure of the Bank’s carbon footprint was probably a first for the Middle East. The theme and surreal visual communications are an integral part of the whole, blending seamlessly with the writing. Like its 2010 predecessor, the 2011 Ithmaar Annual Report won several LACP and ARC Awards. It was ranked among the Top 50 Annual Reports in the Europe, Middle East & Africa Region in the LACP 2012 rankings.

Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority Annual Report 2011

The Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority’s 2011 Annual Report was the first of its kind in the Middle East: it incorporated video segments together with print, web and mobile versions – in a suite of complementary formats designed to address diverse users in the medium of their choice. The key communications objective was to emphasize the Authority’s key role in building international business confidence in Qatar through the introduction of a regulatory regime built upon the international best practice and a sensitivity to local business and cultural traditions. The annual report won several awards at both LACP and ARC Awards and was ranked No. 10 in the Top 50 Annual Reports in the Europe, Middle East & Africa Region and No. 43 in the Top 100 Annual Reports Worldwide in the LACP 2012 rankings.

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