By Lisa Hutt, M IDM, IDM B2B Council Member

Lisa Hutt

In this new mobile, social and collaborative world, nearly everyone carries a SmartPhone or tablet. With several people carrying more than one mobile device, we now have a UK average of 1.33 devices per person! According to a US report, 26% of adults read the news on their mobile device and 75% contribute to, comment on, or forward news stories. The shift is relatively recent and marketers need to quickly adapt their programs to be mobile and socially effective.

While our targets are commuting on the train or stuck in the airport lounge waiting for a delayed flight, they are receptive to innovative campaigns and interesting content. This presents exciting opportunities to reach our audience but as the saying goes ‘what got us here isn’t going to get us there’. Today’s lower attention spans suggest that we need to get better at developing attention-grabbing, plain-speak content that inspires action and multi-way conversations. It’s a good measure of success if your campaign goes viral.

If levels of engagement are more shallow these days, does that mean there’s less opportunity to educate, capture leads and turn them into business?

Everyone hates web forms, especially the one-fingered typists among us, so marketers need to adapt with the times and explore more innovative new ways of engaging. There are numerous tools, web innovations and applications that enable marketers to subtly interact with Customer 2.0 on their terms and build the relationship over time. New YouTube features, social media monitoring and engagement tools, interactive talking-head forms, user-updated data verification, website tracking apps and Google remarketing are just some of the innovations that are moulding our future.

It’s a challenge for marketers to keep abreast but our competitive edge will be dependent on it.

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