Consumers in SEA are highly influenced by online advertising, particularly if the content is specifically targeted, or if their friends have also engaged with the product or brand. This emerged as a result of a recent worldwide survey by research company Nielsen.

73% of Southeast Asia consumers are ‘highly’ or ‘somewhat’ influence by standard website advertisements on social media sites. This increases if the advertisement has a social context which shows which of their friends have liked or followed the advertised brand.

In Asia, we do not seem to minds if we know the ad was targeted at us based on previous purchases or website visited. “It makes our lives easier” seems to be the feelings of 74%. Globally only 58% of consumers felt this comfortable.

The Nielsen report found 69% of consumers in SEA have ‘liked’ or followed a brand or company, significantly higher than the global average of 52%. Consumer opinions published online are trust by the majority in this region.

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