By Rodd Chant, Creative Director of Parlor {a creative collective}

Rodd Chant

Recently, some young creative talents, who are part of BBH Singapore’s ‘Barn’, came up with an idea that to me showed a great understanding of what’s needed today for brand messages in this social media and consumer empowered media environment.

They wanted to raise awareness of a charitable organization called Sunbeam Place, a place that helps youth in need.

The concept – They called it ‘Old Schooled’ (love the name by the way), where they encourage people to submit words of wisdom from their Grandparents and for every submission they will donate $1 to Sunbeam Place, with the goal being to raise $1,000. (See link)

Now of course, this was a small project, but it is the principle and the idea behind it what counts for me, it’s a simple concept that encourages participation and engagement from the audience.

It’s an idea whose message can spread across all mediums, and most importantly, across social and word of mouth. It also uses crowd sourcing in a good way, as in making the audience the contributors without the need for a pay off for them, apart from goodwill of course.

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The recent campaign for AWARE had me somewhat confused, I’m just not sure who it is talking to.

Violence against women is a serious issue, and not one to be taken lightly; it is also a difficult one to address.

Showing the ongoing effect of violence, over time, as it does in this image, doesn’t have a solution, apart from the copy line.

But the question is to whom exactly is that copy line talking to? If it’s talking to men who commit violence against women I honestly don’t believe that will make them stop. There’s no reason for them to stop if they see that their actions have that much power to go on for years.

To make a problem like this stop takes a lot more than a poster or print ad. Maybe doing something more like the above direction from BBH would be more effective, as in something that creates a conversation and starts people sharing stories, creating a voice where people (men and women) let it be known what they think of the cowards that hit women. Bring people into the idea and makes them a part of it, be they the victims or simply people who care.

In other words, don’t show me the problem; show me a path to a solution.

We’ve all recently seen the power of social media to create change and start revolutions across entire populations, maybe it can do the same for an organization such as AWARE.

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