Published by John Wiley & Sons

The content lives up to the title. Joseph Baladi pulls no punches with his indictment of branding in Asia. Neither Governments nor CEO’s escape criticism.

This isn’t one of those cosy, chatty, books on branding that draws on conversations with local entrepreneurs. Baladi shoots from the hip, attacking myopic CEO leadership, Government agencies that mean well but should perform better and advertising agencies with little or no brand competencies.

Talking about the need to know the direction of the company, he writes: “ As obvious as this is, Asia CEOs continue to demonstrate an unwillingness to see and plan for what lies over the horizon. There exists an infectious mentality that prompts most CEOs to focus on making money here and now and as quickly as possible.

However, the book is also full of sound advice, guidance and methodology. Asia businessmen would do well to heed Baladi. What he writes may be a brutal truth but these 273 pages can save your brand.