KFC Singapore is rolling out a new tagline this week. An international initiative, ‘sogood’ replaces the long established ‘finger lickin’ good’. It was announced out in the United States last year and has already been launched in Taiwan, China, India and Thailand.

“KFC is all about great-tasting food,” said Virginia Ng, Marketing Director, KFC Singapore, “and ‘sogood’ is an immediate and natural expression that spring to mind when consumers taste KFC food, as it truly satisfies their cravings.”

We are sure the local marketing team had no choice but to conform to instructions from Colonel Sanders’ head office and introduce this tagline but hasn’t anyone told them there is an established and successful international brand of Soya Milk called So Good (and sensible broken into its two-word standard English)?

Why do so many brands spend a fortune and then, having succeeded in imprinting the name or tagline into our brains, throw it away?

KFC (Kallang Football Club?) replaced the evocative and mouth-watering sound of Kentucky Fried Chicken some years back. Yes, we is aware that fast food company does offer other foods but the great association lives on despite than name change. Remember, too, that speciality sells (ask Simply Chocolate or Pizza Hut).

Now another pillar is going. ‘finger lickin’ good’ is not only a well-established and long-advertised tagline but has a country charm that reminds us of that stolen moment of enjoyment when we capture final taste on our tongue. Next, these brand custodians will be shaving Colonel Sanders and calling him Brad!

‘sogood’ as a tagline can be stuck under any food product, indeed almost any other product. In our opinion, this change may not be so good for KFC.

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