Published by Marshall Cavendish

Here is another book by the founder of Sunfish. Andy Maslen is a champion of the well-crafted sales letter. His enthusiasm shows in his books and this is no exception. This book is another “how to” for anyone starting out in copywriting or even starting a business. He covers just about everything on copywriting as well as tips on typography and Adwords. The book is divided up into sections such as Corporate Brochure, Press Ad, Web Page, Press Release and so on, so a quick review while you are on the project is possible. Maslen tells you clearly why it is better to write one way instead of the other and reminds you of the pitfalls

If you have read his other books, you may feel there is some repetition but hearing the lesson again would help reinforce the message. Marshall Cavendish seem to have adopted Any Maslen and have four of his books currently out in paperback form including this one.