Published by McGraw-Hill

Employees who join the huge Dentsu advertising agency in Japan have to join an expedition to the top of Japan’s 12,388 foot Mount Fuji as a demonstration of determination and teamwork. Something else most people do not know about this agency is that each employee can choose the colour of their business card. These are just two examples which indicate, as the book’s title suggests, there is a Dentsu Way of operating. In the 271 pages, the authors explain their agency’s philosophy and methods of working. Currently they are implementing Cross Switch and examples fill this book. Cross Switch means reaching out to consumers across a variety of media and switching them to the client’s brand. Despite a seeming preoccupation with methodology, Dentsu does seem to manage to win quite a few creative medals at the AdFest and Cannes. ‘The Dentsu Way’ is certainly a book marketers will enjoy.