Left to right: Rebecca Choi, Chan Chi Vai, Peter Soh, Jimmy Lam and Tomaz Mok.

Tomaz Mok, Peter Soh and Jimmy Lam, three of the four founders of the LongXi Creative Awards have announced the inauguration of the LongXi Festival of Minds which is to be held in Macau on 21st – 23rd August 2011.

It is designed to be an annual industry event celebrating creative excellence of Chinese language in traditional and new media.

“It… serves as a platform for both the Chinese and non-Chinese marketing and communication practitioners who are interested in the creative trench and insights of the ever growing Chinese market, the second largest economy of the word, to exchange ideas , “said Tomaz Mok, who was born in Macau.

Top speakers are invited and the organisers expect around 500 delegates. More details from www.longxiadfestival.org or www.longxiawards.org.