By Allein Moore

If you haven’t been to one of the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore’s talks, then you are missing a great opportunity to learn more about the advertising and marketing industry in general. It is not expensive to join DMAS but some of the events are free and open to non-members. Just recently, it held another of the series of SoundBites lunchtime seminars at The American Club. On the 25th July, the topic was ‘The State of Social Media Marketing Today’ with a panel consisting of Margaret Manning, CEO of Reading Room Group, Rene Raiss, Founding Partner of Sqreem Technologies and Tracy Chua, CEO and Owner of Tracemark. The speakers were introduced by Chris Tew, Hon Treasurer of DMAS.

Raiss pointed out that it was dangerous to base marketing on hash tags, clicks, etc. and today marketers were delving deeper into the data. The market is beginning to realise, he said, that “Likes” are only used by 18-25 year olds and the results cannot be taken too seriously.

Margaret Manning reminded the audience of speed at which changes were happening in the internet and digital world. She also pointed out that today many brands were becoming media owners and needed the skills of a journalist.

Tracy Chua, who helps small business owners entering the digital world, said that even larger brands are guilty of posting up content which do not really matter, nor does it entertain. She felt the smaller business owner could gain by being more agile.

Rene Raiss warned of brands using social media to hurt competitors and he pointed out that some use BOTS to harvest content which is often irrelevant.

The mix of panellists at this DMAS lunchtime ‘SoundBites’ gave the audience a useful overview of social media marketing from an international and local viewpoint. Add in the sandwiches and pizza that DMAS provided, it proved a very satisfying way to spend lunch time.

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