In the third of the series organised by IAB, a large crowd turned out, despite the heavy downpour of rain in the early morning, to hear industry speakers talk about research and measurement in the digital field.

Kerry Brown

The first speaker was Kerry Brown, Business Development Director, Audience Measurement Practice, APMEA, Nielsen. She took her audience through an analysis of media and showed clearly that digital proved to offer the best ROI. However, she cautioned there was some bias because currently the digital media is undervalued. In general, she said the best results came from mixing traditional media with the “new” media. Campaigns, for instance, that mixed television and the Internet gave the best ROI. Online video proved to create a higher engagement and in general these outperformed television advertisements. Brown also said that the Nielsen research showed no relation between click-through and sales in the store.

Her presentation was clear and impressive in the scope of the measurement.

James Galpin

James Galpin, Head of Media, APAC-Africa, Millward Brown, took the floor and said that we must understand brand building and sales are different. We have to get people into the brand, he said, and then convert into sales. He agreed with Brown that it was important to use cross platforms , “No one media will always be right”. The message once again was that we have to use multi-platforms.

He said, in the digital world, we were moving away from the emphasis on “impressions” and going back to the old advertising focus on “reach and frequency”. Galpin also said that creativity was key and a change in the creative approach can change the effectiveness. He ended the presentation with some interesting case studies of rich media ads.

Speaking on building brands with mobile was Phalgun Raju, GM (HK, SEA & Taiwan), InMobi. She spoke of influences on the purchase journey and showed mobile case studies from a cosmetic campaign.

Phalgun Raju

The Fullerton Hotel put on an appetising breakfast sponsored by InMobi for the ad crowd but it was the minds that got the real nourishment thanks to IAB and the speakers.

Left to right: Kerry Brown, Nielsen; Allein Moore, AdAsia Media; Wendy Hogan, CBS Interactive; James Galpin, Millward Brown; Phalgun Raju, InMobi; David Jeffs, Yahoo SEA; and Rob Valsler, Millward Brown.
Left to right: Norliza Kassim, Standard Chartered Bank; Geraldine Nah, Standard Chartered Bank; Wei Huang, Google; and Inaki Del Rosario, Standard Chartered Bank.
Left to right: Jason Kuperman, Omnicom Group; David Brown, Iris Worldwide; Mike Langton, ADZ; Irene Sung, Google; and Sally Wuu, InMobi.
Left to right: Hendro Xu, Yahoo SEA; Vivian Tsui, Yahoo SEA; Hazel Lin, Carat; Stella Tai, Carat; and Rubee Lee, Yahoo SEA.
Left to right: Inez Tong, Yahoo SEA; Samit Vyas, Yahoo; Dzurina Zainal, inSing; Tina Pang, Yahoo SEA; Win Zolkipli, ZenithOpimedia Singapore; and Eileen Teah, LG.
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