Following the changing world, mobile was the star at ‘The Internet Show’ and ‘The Mobile Show’ held in Singapore on 23rd to 24th April 2014. It seems only a matter of time before Terrapinn, the organisers, drop the “Internet”. Terrapinn took over the main exhibition halls at Suntec Singapore by combining these shows with their ‘Cards & Payments Asia’ event which attracts a huge number of exhibitors each year. The Internet & Mobile Show has far less exhibitors but we did see a digital agency, Bonsey Jaden, represented alongside SingTel, Smaato, Exabytes and others coming from the technical or software side of the digital marketing industry.

The two-day conference which was held in conjunction with the exhibition was opened by Chairman Tony Chow, a well-known figure in the Asian film & video world, who represented the Branded Content Marketing Association. The conference opened with a panellists from Facebook, Evernote, Goggle, Lego, LinkedIn and Twitter discussing the social media and mobile landscape. Parminder Singh from Twitter said we should note that the context changes during the day and his company has recorded how the conversation switch at different times. In the early morning, the tweets may be about jogging, while at 8am and 7pm, they are mainly concern food. Myungjo Choi of Facebook said that today the number of fans, friends, likes and tweets were less important as marketers focus more on targeted audiences.

The first presenter of the day was Parminder Singh, Managing Director for Southeast Asia, India and MENA, Twitter. He suggested social media was the equivalent of the campfire conversations of bygone years. We now share these conversations and experiences globally. The Ellen DeGeneres selfie at the film awards was retweeted 3.1 million times. Parminder parodied Marshall McLuhan’s well-known phrase and suggested today “The Moment is the Message”.

The main speaker on the second day was Craig Law-Smith of SingTel. He said Singaporeans see between 3 to 5,000 ads a day but few are remembered. In the USA, it is estimated that $165 billion is spent on advertising that is wasted. He suggested that advertising today must become more focused and advertisers can now buy the audience they want rather than “spray and pay”.

Panel discussions over both days covered the power of women, mobile messaging wars and mobile commerce. The organisers introduced this year Plenary Roundtables where delegates could meet and discuss ideas led by facilitator. This new format seemed to work well and encouraged interaction between delegates.

Over 300 delegates attended the event, coming from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and USA as well as neighbouring countries. The organisers expected around 4,000 visitors to the entire show.

Speakers panel session.
Roundtable discussion session.

Scenes from exhibition:

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