When you strongly believe in something, you are at your most persuasive. Allein Moore moved millions of dollars worth of business during his advertising career because he felt passionately about his creative work. He wants not only to inspire you but give you practical advice on how to create persuasive business presentation, to a small or large audience. Poor presentation skills will handicap your career as well as impact on your employer’s bottom line. Even internally in your company, your ideas can get shot down because you lack the skill to construct and deliver a presentation.

During the course you will learn about body language, hand gestures, voice control, speech construction as well as tips on how to conquer stage fright. During the two days, video recordings will show you the progress you are making. You will be surprised how much progress you make in The Power of Passionate Presentations.

Here are some quotes from participants on 5th & 6th December 2012 course:

The Power of Passionate Presentations on 5th & 6th Dec 2012.

Allein Moore is an insightful, friendly, yet intelligent trainer, a master at bringing participants to realise their greater potential

Caroline Chang (Editor/Trainer)

The course was fantastic. I learnt a tremendous amount and without doubt improved my public speaking.

Pippa Hollebone, Regional Business Director of DWA Pte Ltd

Facilitator had the capacity to create a learning environment – overall an indelible experience.

Mark Sng (Life Coach)

Practical lessons were helpful , not only in theory. Honest feedback was given on the course.

Jinny Carag, Senior Designer of The Bonsey Design Partnership Pte Ltd

 Some quotes from participants on 3rd & 4th May 2012 course:

The Power of Passionate Presentations on 3rd & 4th May 2012.
I find myself more confident in delivering speeches now.
Thanks Mr Moore.

This course is a must for everyone. It can help you in your career and most importantly how you present yourself to anyone. Great job!

The tips we have learnt in this class are extremely useful for my work.
I think and believe that I have improved my presentation skills
in these 2 days. Thanks! 

This course has made me more confident to present in front of spectators. Lots of tips taken and will be used in
my future presentations.  

Exposed to various presentation styles “live” in a single course was highly beneficial. Great learning experience and definitely helpful. 

Great course for you to build your confidence and personality while improving the presentation skills. Must attend!

To register for this course or ask for more information, contact info@thecommunicationsclinic.asia

Trainer: Allein Moore is a WDA qualified trainer and certified Master Trainer who has conducted courses for individuals or corporates including participants from Ogilvy & Mather, BBH, APB, Carrier, Courts, Reader’s Digest, L’Oreal, Singapore Exhibition Services, National University of Singapore. In his 30-year career in advertising, Allein has pitched and won millions of dollars worth of business as well as presenting at major regional conferences.

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