Allein G. Moore

Emails and phones calls poured into the AdAsia office after we sent out the last issue of our colourful print magazine expressing regret at the decision. It wasn’t an easy decision after ten years of publishing this trade magazine but the financials could not be ignored and the changes coming to the publishing industry are there for all to see.

Winning the SOPA award ‘Best Trade Magazine’ and seeing a poll of marketing executives conducted by Yahoo! put AdAsia way ahead of other print magazines in terms of being a “must read”, encouraged me to stick with the ink and paper publication. However, we were not dinosaurs and AdAsia was, I believe, the first ad trade magazine in the region to send out a regular electronic newsletter. Almost from the start, we supported a website. In the early days, electronic publications were limited by the software, technology and broadband connections so I must admit this platform held little interest for me for a long time.

In 2009, we started to look again at the new digital platforms and began planning this site and related online communications.

On March 4th 2011, we launched this site which represents a complete break from the print publishing world. We took the brave (or foolish) step of ceasing the printed edition altogether to concentrate on creating an online magazine from scratch rather than adapting a print magazine or trying to ride two horses. I believe this is where the future lies for publishing.

With the move from paper to pixels, has also come an editorial shift. AdAsia will concentrate on bringing you insights from leading minds in the industry as well my personal observations as someone who has been in the industry four decades.

With an ex-creative director in charge, you will not be surprised we also intend to inspire our readers with great advertising ideas and some awesome design from talented creatives working in Asia and beyond.

This magazine is also committed to keep you up to date with what is going on across the Asia Pacific region in terms of exhibitions, seminars and to offer you educational books and white papers plus new research data to keep you aware of changing patterns.

We are not going to compete with excellent local and regional magazines Campaign, Adoi, Adobo, and Campaign Brief Asia in terms of news gathering. Indeed we will be working with some or all of these as well as UK and USA magazines, highlighting their hot stories. Our role is expressed in our tagline: INSIGHTS, INSPIRATION and INFORMATION.

Our contributors are not journalists but people working within the industry. People who are not only in touch with what is happening but have the experience to know what is important long-term to your business.

The attractive nature of digital technology is that we are no longer restricted by the number of pages imposed by the print format. The expense of mailing a large printed magazine across the world which crippled our expansion in the past no longer applies. I feel a sense of freedom.

AdAsia has stepped beyond Singapore and embraced the region reaching out to hundreds of thousands of industry professionals each month without forgetting that this tiny island of Singapore gave birth to the magazine. Like us, Singapore is small but it continually shows its willing to adapt and embrace new ideas. It is an inspiration and model for us at AdAsia.

It is now up to our subscribers around the world to mould AdAsia as it expands and develops in the coming years. This is your magazine as much as mine and I expect you to make suggestions or give me good advice.

I welcome you to the new digital AdAsia.

Allein G. Moore


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