Titanic Mystery Solved, Premieres 15 April, Sunday, 8pm on HISTORY (StarHub TV Ch401)

AETN’s History Channel recently invited the trade to a preview of two new shows and a tour of the Titanic exhibition at the Art & Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

On the 100th anniversary of the sinking on its maiden voyage of the luxury liner Titanic in March 1912, History Channel are screening ‘Titanic Mystery Solved’. The images of the wreck are amazingly clear and have offered new insights into the sinking.

Charles Less, Head of Advertising Sales at AETN All Asia Networks (he was formerly with ESPN Star Sports) announced that at end of the year, a special series would be screened. This follows the popularity an earlier production series on the history of America. The new show runs over six days and is titled ‘Mankind the Story of All of Us’. It covers the development of tools and the construction of the pyramids as well as showing how cultures mixed even in ancient time. Apparently the Vikings visited China! Interestingly, the producers are creating different versions to be broadcast in different parts of the world. History Channel screened a few minutes of the new series and one could see that while it is educational it still have a movie blockbuster feel. It seems likely this series will keep many of us at home in the evening for whole a week!

Left to right: Charles Less, Head, Advertising Sales, AETN All Asia Networks and Barry Cupples, CEO - Asia Pacific, OMG.
Left to right: Alan Hodges, MD - Asia Pacific, A+E Networks; Dennis Lim, VP, Advertising Sales, AETN All Asia Networks; Barry Cupples, CEO - Asia Pacific, OMG; and Shoggy Banerjee, Director, Strategy & Business Development, A+E Networks.
Left to right: Petra Bernet, Jonathan Quek and Edwina Tan from MEC.
Laura Gordon, OMD and Liam Winston, Managing Partner, Mobile Now Group.
Louis Boswell, GM, AETN All Asia Networks Germaine Ng, Media Sales, StarHub.
Left to right: Anne Wong, Pay TV Services, StarHub; Hazel Yap, Director, Marketing Communications, AETN All Asia Networks; Elicia Lau, Content Services, StarHub; Audrey Koh, Home Solutions & Content, StarHub; and Karen Lee, Content Services, StarHub.
Tiffy Ali, GM, Ad Asia Media and Allein Moore, CEO/Editor, Ad Asia Media.
Folks from OMG.
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