Allein Godfrey MooreAge is supposed to bring wisdom. While I accept there have been several high-profile publishers of a mature age who have behaved foolishly, I pride myself on clarity of thought. And it tells me it is time to step aside. This week, I give up my publisher’s hat and my editor’s chair to another. It is never easy to let go of your own ‘baby’ but I recognise this magazine needs a younger team and one swifter to act with the changes facing the publishing industry.

The advertising industry and the brand owners are also having to adjust their business and marketing operations. Through our contributors and reports, AdAsia has tried to keep you abreast of developments and this will remain the goal of the new team.

I step aside acknowledging with pride AdAsia has, in the past, led the trade publishing field. When we started in 2000, we were the first real advertising trade magazine in Singapore (it wasn’t hard – we offered more than just 2 sheets stapled together!). As editor, I had decades of experience beneath my belt which gave us an advantage. Our large format print edition with colourful covers demanded attention and soon gained popularity. But we led in other ways. We were the first regional advertising publication to offer a digital version. I admit it was not much more than a newsletter at that time, but we adopted the new technology earlier than most. Meanwhile our print magazine, after just one year, won the title ‘Best Trade Magazine in Asia’ at the Hong Kong Society of Publishers in Asia awards.

Four years ago, I took the major step of moving totally into a digital format with AdAsia and this led to us attracting not just a local or regional audience but building international subscribers.

But AdAsia can extend its influence further and I have now handed to an energetic, smarter and more tech-savvy management. They have lots of new ideas and I believe, under their guidance, AdAsia will become an even better publication.

I will remain on board as International Editor (this means more holidays in exotic places) and try not to be a boring, old, interfering fart.

It only remains for me to say thank you to the advertisers, PR people and trade associations who have supported this publication over the past fourteen years. I trust you will continue to do so.

I have had a great time helming this publication and met so many interesting and passionate people. Some have become good friends, too. Although I will be travelling more globally, I am remaining based in Asia so I am sure our paths will still cross from time to time. Right now, I am packing for a much-needed holiday.



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