Top Shot is an interactive integrated campaign that was coined especially to promote the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phone range. The objective of Top Shot was to create a unique and ownable campaign that engaged the consumer, delivered the benefits and proved the quality of the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phones.

The strategy

There is currently a huge global trend towards user generated content with consumers using the internet to achieve the recognition of their peers. Brands are tapping into this trend by not only aiding consumers with the applications and tools to create their own content, but also by developing new platforms through which communities can share this content. A freesheet interactive newspaper was identified by iris as one such platform, resulting in the conceptualisation of the Sony Ericsson Top Shot newspaper.

Through this medium, Sony Ericsson has been able to engage with the consumer for a longer period of time. The scope of content offered the opportunity to promote phone features through engaging editorial style stories that aroused the consumer’s interest. The spontaneity of the newspaper also reflects mobile imaging behaviour and the ability to capture moments of every day life.

The strategy for distributing the freesheet varied from market to market. In Singapore for example, a partnership was established with the SMRT, where hit squads were deployed to distribute the Top Shot paper at key SMRT consumer touch points. As part of a fully integrated campaign, the paper was also distributed through Sony Ericsson retail channels where it was supported by a full suite of POS materials and offers. The paper could also be viewed and downloaded online, where a unique campaign website further encouraged consumer interaction.

The execution

Iris created the regional content template for Top Shot. The content was developed to showcase the Cyber-shot phones by ‘telling a story’ about each of the unique features available. Images of friends partying and clubbing highlighted the phone’s great ability to take images in the dark, while a feature on sports proved that the cameras really capture action shots with ease and stability. Top photographers from each country were also invited to showcase the exceptional picture quality possible by sharing images they’d taken with the Cyber-shot phones. Regionally, this included renowned National Geographic photographer Matthieu Paley.

In Singapore to add a promotional element to the piece, readers were also invited to submit their pictures to the imaging contest. Winners were rewarded with cash prizes up to $10,000 and the promise of having their shot published in a popular national newspaper.

This regional content template was then adapted locally using relevant stories, photographers and celebrities. Partnerships were also organized to help add scale and value to the proposition. In India for example, iris Delhi developed a TV partnership with CNN to promote Top Shot winners, whilst in Malaysia the Top Shot newspapers were distributed through Starbucks outlets to increase reach.

The results

With over 1.2 million Top Shot newspapers printed and distributed across the region, this has brought alive the Cyber-shot proposition to end consumers in addition to the unique, experiential on-ground activities such as public galleries and interactive touch screens.

Distribution extended beyond traditional retail channels into Starbucks, shopping malls, train stations and via a national newspaper (Philippine Star).

Overall, the Top Shot campaign helped drive sales of the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phones with sell-through figures increasing significantly during the campaign period.

The campaign was awarded the ‘Best use of newspaper’ in the Singapore Media Awards.

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