Because so many marketing campaigns today use gift-giving gimmicks and incentives to attract the general public, their effectiveness has been diluted and difficult to chart. How do you measure the success of a campaign where everybody gets everything free?

There is now a solution which involves graphically inserting what is termed an AdTag onto a client’s print ad. Each contains a unique code and a constant number (76868) in Singapore. Consumers can then respond to the advertisement that appeals to them and SMS that code to attain more information at zero cost. With a pre-configured marketing message tagged on to each AdTag, the system allows the marketer to convey the information requested by the consumer instantly via SMS.

The strategy

To introduce AdTag to the public, a ‘Find the Missing Tag’ campaign was launched within the CBD and on Orchard Road to build public awareness and pique consumer interest. The campaign trained people’s eyes to spot AdTags prior to the official launch.

Life-size walking mascots simulating AdTags urged the general public to SMS AdTag-ged codes to 76868 and, completely based on chance, people could instantly redeem S$2, S$5 and S$10 cash rewards at near-by booths.

The ‘Find the Missing AdTag’ campaign was an overwhelming success as it sparked consumers’ participation in spotting the AdTags prior to the official launch in the latter part of August. AdTag will start appearing in all media in Singapore very soon, followed by Hong Kong, Australia and several key countries in Asia Pacific and Europe.

The results

Some 31,000 SMSes were received over a period of 6 days as AdTag mascots were out two hours a day during lunch and dinner time. For every thirteen SMSes received, one prize was given out. On average, for every five tags submitted, one was a winner. Respondents were predominantly aged from 21 to 40 years of age.

The analysis

As the incentive was tangible and instant, the campaign was predominantly viral and, hence, highly successful. Savvy consumers in the CBD and Orchard area responded to the coded AdTag mascots when they saw people around them SMS-ing and being instantaneously rewarded with cash.

The results captured from the campaign allowed the team to understand the response rate of the audience, the demographics of the respondents, as well as the locations where the campaign was most successful in pulling the crowds.

The second leg of ‘Find the Missing Tag’ campaign took place in the heartlands of Singapore in September. Similar to the first leg of the campaign, AdTag gave out S$20,000 worth of cash at several locations such as Toa Payoh, Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Jurong East as well as Punggol.

This time around, AdTag paired up with Cash Converters to give out additional prizes and gifts on top of the instant cash to be won, both instantly redeemable at the AdTag booths and C