Jessica Alba

Tiger Beer is the leader of the beer category. In order to secure its position in the future, Tiger saw a great opportunity in building a stronger connection with a younger audience.

The communication challenge given to BBDO by the Tiger team was to refresh the image of the brand in order to celebrate Tiger as amplifying the joys of friendship and to appeal to the ‘Young Singaporean Males’, white-collar 24 to 34 years old, for whom a beer is synonymous to relief, fun and chill-out moments with friends.

But whatever the communication, it was critical to ensure that we were also not alienating the older Tiger consumers: mostly coffee-shop drinkers, 35 and above, more traditional Chinese who were the real brand loyalists.

So, the objective of the communication was to change the perception towards the brand by showcasing Tiger as a premium, fun and irresistible beer, helping a group of friends to turn a good moment into a great one. A Singaporean beer that Singaporeans would like to associate themselves with.

The plan was to create maximum impact for Tiger. In order to achieve this goal, we needed to have scale. BBDO came up with the following insight: real friends will go to great lengths for their buddies. As a result, the story is showcasing the ingenuity a group of friends demonstrates by using Tiger to turn a good moment into an even better one. And the twist is coming from the fact that the beer is more irresistible than the star. The scores in research were very solid, boosting the confidence of the client who decided to make it big.

The commercial was shot with the international star Jessica Alba. It is so far the biggest TV production ever in Singapore and a first for a local brand in featuring a Hollywood star. The beauty being that it is not a classical star endorsement commercial where the star simply recommends the brand. Here, the story is using the star to celebrate the real hero of the story: Tiger beer.

A big line for a big idea: It’s time.

With the help of MindShare, the media were used to support the campaign in delivering a maximum impact. Fifty percent of the media budget went to both local and cable TV, with strategic buys into programmes targeting young Singaporean males (ESPN, Star Sports and AXN) as well as cinema showcasing a longer version (60”) of the commercial.

The line also made the link with the other campaigns running at the same time: the launch of the new Tiger identity and the credentials.

The new identity, more premium, confident and up-to-date, has been launched using outdoor teasers building the momentum and announcing the change, followed by an outdoor campaign unveiling the new look and a total revamp of the website to create an interactive experience.

The credentials campaign, so critical in beer advertising, aimed at establishing a world-acclaimed message that reflects the world-class beer (well-travelled) and gold-class beer (well-medalled) positions of Tiger.

In order to appeal to the older audience, the credentials campaign has been played through press insertions in key dailies (The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao), high-traffic billboards and key bus stop posters.

Last but not least, a launch party was held at the Asian Civilisations Museum exclusively for the press, followed by a trade party at Indochine’s Waterfront, revealing the new identity as well as the TVC starring Jessica Alba, using pyrotechnics, laser light video and ending off with spectacular fireworks.

The communication strategy and plan led to a powerful campaign generating effective results. The brand tracking recorded substantial evidence of change in the perception towards the Tiger beer brand: ‘Friendship’, ‘Fun’, ‘Enjoyment’ and ‘World class quality’ scores exceeded expected targets.

Tiger volumes in coffee shop channels increased by 25%, not only avoiding alienating the older audience but also generating additional business. The Jessica Alba commercial has been awarded second place in Ad Track’s Top 20 best remembered ads from October to December 2005. Within 5 days of the launch, 1,288 people visited the website. The membership participation quadrupled for the 18-24 years old.

Communication is a powerful tool to trigger a change. Tiger has rejuvenated its image establishing a connection with a younger audience. Thanks to a strategic partnership between the Tiger team and BBDO, a new Tiger has been unleashed. Long live Tiger.