Australian digital creative agency, Visual Jazz Isobar has released the 2nd edition of The 2013 FYI Report. The aim of the report is to help organisations focus on their digital investments in 2013. Using their own experience and the Aegis global network to look at consumer habits and industry trends, the agency offers ten key imperatives for brands. These cover four categories: content experience, shopping, intelligence and organisational.

Simon Small, Planning and Insights Director at Visual Jazz Isobar, said, “We analysed industry leading reports across a range of categories and found that our job was to translate a wealth of data, insight, case studies into action relevant to brands and agencies from marketing people up to senior leadership. We are in the business of future forecasting and it is important that we share this information so that brands can benefit and keep up in the rapidly changing digital world.”

You can find the ten key imperatives outlines in the report at

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