It is always a popular event. The annual presentation of the results of the IPSOS Business Elite Survey always draws large number from the media, marketing and advertising community. The media owners are anxious to learn how they have fared with this group of top end executives. What they are watching or reading is translated into advertising dollars. The newspapers and magazines want to hold on to these affluent readers who in turn attract advertisers in the high-end category. Television channels want to be able to say to advertisers that businessmen are watching regularly. The good news for the traditional media is that, while time spent on digital media is growing, the business elite are still loyal (98%) to print magazines and newspapers. 53% watch TV daily. CNN tops that list.

The survey showed that salaries for this group in Asia are still growing and, in general, higher than Europe. They are still travelling internationally in First or Business class on airlines. They continue to buy smartphones and tablets and wear expensive watches.

The survey covered eight countries in Asia but because of some problems with the data, Singapore reflects 2012 figures.

There were no shocks in the BE:ASIA survey for 2013. The audience at Swissôtel Merchant Court hotel that day would have left feeling comfortable and confident. Advertisers and publishers in this region can look forward to a good year ahead. Click here to see the report.

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