Ad agencies love to send work to creative shows where veteran ad men spend hours deciding on which ad has a strong idea and is beautifully executed. MediaCorp, one of Singapore’s largest media groups, skips all that and asks the viewers of its English and Mandarin TV channels which television commercial they liked best. The Viewers’ Choice are selected by SMS voting from a short list given by a panel of over 200 survey respondents who represented Singapore’s demographic ratios.

The votes were cast for Viewers’ Choice 2010 in two sections: a local category and an international category.

The top three in the local category were:


Winner: Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports for a TVC titled ‘Filial Piety’.

First Runner-Up: Promote Mandarin Council for Speak Mandarin Campaign titled ‘Noemie’.

Second Runner-Up: Canon Singapore Pte Ltd for a spot featuring the Canon EOS 550D DSLR titled ‘Fascinate the World’.

In the International category, the results were:


Winner: PepsiCo International Pte Ltd for Pepsi-Cola titled ‘Oh Africa 2010’.

First Runner-Up: FedEx titled ‘Laddie’ .

Second Runner-Up: Carlsberg Singapore Pte Ltd for Carlsberg titled ‘Probably the Best Goal Celebration’.

The voting period lasted seven weeks ending on 20th March. People who voted for any commercial were entitled to enter a Lucky Draw with a prize of $10,000.

Interestingly, five of the 10 winners and finalists for the local category were for Government organisations. Do they understand the pulse of the Singaporean better than the commercial sector?