In the old days when AdAsia was a print magazine, we had a spread in the January issue displaying the New Year Resolutions of well-known people in the advertising, marketing and media field. Even then, I found many people had not even thought about this. I am sure with the increasing digital noise and the demands of our hectic industry, many of you have not sat back and pondered this. What are your New Year Resolutions?

Although someone close to me takes delight in reminding me of the broken promises regarding action to halt a growing waist line and sagging bum, I did manage to persevere with my Tai-Chi classes. I look back on my year of classes with great satisfaction and I do recommend that you, too, set at least one achievable goal for 2014. This should be outside the advertising, marketing and media field. With the long hours most of you spend in the office, mixing with other people in the same cage, there is a danger of losing contact with the very people with whom it is essential to communicate. Make one of your New Year Resolutions to spend more time with ordinary people, listening and watching, while also ensuring you stimulate your mind with a fresh activity. Forget about creative awards, being seen at the right night spots, winning that plum account, or looking smart to your boss. Unless you learn how to engage with the customers, your advertising has no purpose and certainly will not be effective.

But beyond that, realise your most important customer is yourself. Make sure you are being taken care of. My wish is that you be kind to yourself physically and mentally in 2014. Happy New Year.

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