Published by Marshall Cavendish

If you are sitting in the smart offices of an ad agency earning mega bucks, this book is probably not for you. Well, not until the day you get fired which happens to the best of us. However, there are a good many copywriters who prefer the freedom of working from home. Being a good copywriter is not the same as being a successful one, as Andy Maslen shows us. It is one of the easier business to start and the industry is used to outsourcing but there are pitfalls. Maslen shows how a new freelancer ,and an established one, should fix a price for writing services. In in another chapter he suggests ways to sell oneself in the market. He even advises one to invest in a very good office chair as one will spend so long sitting and this way “save visits to the chiropractor”. At the end of the book, Maslen has collected views from freelance writers on their own experiences and gathered their advice. This book is essential reading for anyone who is freelancing or contemplating freelancing as a writer. Thank you, Marshall Cavendish, from all those unworldly copywriters just starting out to meet the harsh commercial world. And you fat cats writers in the agencies better keep a copy by you for that inevitable day!