Yahoo! Inc. has launched four new advertising formats which will bring rich media advertising to phones and sharing capabilities on social networking sites to advertisers in Asia.

Recognising the rapid expansion of the smart phone sector, Yahoo! is attempting to help advertisers engage with consumers in an interactive manner with a range of advertising formats designed for the phone.

In conjunction with this, the popular search engine has also launched a social ad unit that has been designed to prolong the engagement with users and promote the sharing of display advertisements.

“Yahoo! has redefined the creative canvas for digital marketers by delivering audiences to advertisers through the science we build into our advertising products,” said Yvonne Chang, Vice President and Managing Director of Yahoo! Southeast Asia. “ Every day we are pushing back the boundaries of the Internet and digital landscape with innovative ad solutions such as these new advertising formats…”.

For the phone, Yahoo! is offering an ‘Expandable Banner’ which can cover nearly two thirds of the screen; a ‘Video Banner’ which can bring a film from a touched ad to a full screen viewing of a commercial and finally an ‘Adhesion Banner’ which remains on screen as the user scrolls to other areas.

These new formats are available from this month, March.